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The premise/title of this manga is too sexy. I'm glad Akira basically amounts to nothing, 'cause he's got nothing to do with said dynamic. Hinata may have done a jerk thing in chapter 4, but even he knew he took it too far that time (just didn't get a chance to fix it), and their antagonistic/adversarial relationship is key to the awesome tension in all these 'do XX to me' scenes.

Honestly, I don't get why anybody would prefer Akira. He's just the generic 'loyal'/'protective' childhood friend. Though maybe that sarcasm is unwarranted; given that he didn't even kiss Yukina when she asked him to, why do we assume he has romantic feelings for her in the first place? Anyway, point is, Akira brings nothing central to the story; this manga has been about Yukina's relationship with Hinata from the beginning--without it, it wouldn't even exist.

Anyway, this manga's been on my list for a while now as just below my triumvirate of awesome shoujo manga (those being Momo, Kaichou wa Maid-sama, and Akagami no Shiroyuki). Tooyama Ema's art is pretty damn nice too (in a unique way), and she's also got quite a nice cute/light/fanservicey seinen comedy called Hyakuen! going right now so honestly I can say I'm a fan.
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