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Originally Posted by Sol View Post
Honestly, I don't get why anybody would prefer Akira. He's just the generic 'loyal'/'protective' childhood friend. Though maybe that sarcasm is unwarranted; given that he didn't even kiss Yukina when she asked him to, why do we assume he has romantic feelings for her in the first place? Anyway, point is, Akira brings nothing central to the story; this manga has been about Yukina's relationship with Hinata from the beginning--without it, it wouldn't even exist.
Whether Akira is likable or not is irrelevant, she believed the words of someone she barely knows(Hinata), not to mention knowing he doesn't agree with what she's doing to him, yet DOESN'T believe the words of her best friend, who's supported her(i'm assuming) from the beginning. Did she see his heroic act of saving her at teh end of ch 5 as nothing? Now i'm the first to complain and throw around "cliche" when i see it, and indeed, his position as Yukino's friend/protector is cliche', but at least she should respect the resolve he had to do what he did. I almost have the impression that he isn't her best friend, and that he is only someone who hangs around her(i.e. the idea of them being friends is one-sided).

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