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ah ! I am gone for almost 3 weeks due to PC problems and now I have to go back arround 16 pages to catch up
I feel realy bad though.., what better time to get PC Hardware issues then on the hollidays where everything is closed and friends who can help are away...

Conclusion.. I ended up missing ~Ouverture~..

..still, I guess I could be more sad, but as I toke a first glance at some comments already, right now as I even rush to download both episodes; I am happy that all the expectations as to how great ~Ouverture~ would be where not in vain

Now more then ever I am positive that this will be (to me) the best Rozen Maiden experience so far; for as even Solwy already told me.. it seems it is beyond words.

While the torrents are still downloading though, I'll leave you all with a new ~Ouverture~ scan I recently found

Spoiler for length:
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