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Card Captor Sakura

I know this is/was licensed by Geneon, but it was going out of print even before they shut down. Does anyone know the current status of the license and the possibility of reprints of the series?

I am still missing about 5 discs from my set, and can't seem to find the missing volumes for any kind of reasonable price T_T I'm not yet ready to order the Japanese discs (like I am beginning to do with Sailor Moon), but if nothing happens in the US with this series soon, I may have to... $20 per disc is SOOO much nicer than $30 + I would pay for imports...

I had to create a new thread because apparently this series is old enough now that any thread about it that may have been here is gone...

edit: I see someone found the old thread, thank you ^^ My problem I think is I searched "Card Captor Sakura" and not "Cardcaptor Sakura" ^^;

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