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Originally Posted by Kaihan View Post
What she would of wore during a certain school event?
What would of been better? If it change their ingame portrait along with the costume.
Most likely it's the Battle Panties making a return from P3/P3FES/P3P.

Anyway, they really went all out on this remake. There's so much new stuff already that wasn't in the base game.

For newcomers they appear to have nerfed the Shadow Yukiko and Shadow Kanji fights for the lower difficulties and gave Shadow Yukiko a weakness to Ice. Those fights were fun but I always felt they were very poorly balanced or new players, especially Shadow Yukiko that had a personal healer and could easily wipe the entire party if you weren't prepared. On a note for the personal healer for Shadow Yukiko... Apparently, at least in lower difficulties I think, they took out its healing ability and it runs away when beaten to low health.

Think they'll work on DLC for this?
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