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Originally Posted by Mars Mode View Post
Why? Why? Whyyyyyyy Vitaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa?

The game looks more complete. And much more fearsome.

But why vita?
If you ask "Why vita instead of psp" then the answer is simple:
If they'd done it on psp they could've never put on so many new things. It would've been a second P3P with things cut out instead.

If you ask "Why vita instead of ps3" I guess because they wanted it on a handheld.

And I'm really glad about that, it's nice playing on PS3 but then I could just play the normal game on PS2. I wanted it on a handheld console so I can play it whereever I want. I am happy about it being on vita.

And even if it's just for Persona 4 The Golden and Gravity Rush it was so worth it already to buy a vita.
And I'm sure lots of great games are coming (that are my style, I mean)
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