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Originally Posted by Randrak42 View Post
Well aside from the obvious (who they are meant to kill) it's all pretty much the same thing only God Slayer magic seems to be stronger than Dragon Slayer magic of the same element. There's also the fact that while God Slayers can eat Dragon Slayer magic (a Fire God Slayer can eat a Fire Dragon God slayer's attacks) but Dragon Slayers cannot eat God Slayer magic.
Ah yes, God Slayer's elements seem to be coloured black as opposed to their natural colours used by Dragon Slayers.

No one knows yet the origins of God Slaying magic, but most predict that it has something to do with Zeref.

tldr; it's Dragon Slaying 2.0
but i doubt the name god slayer has anything to do with slaying gods. maybe it's just a name given to power that is so strong it's deemed to be stronger than that of a god's.

so it looks like chelia is the one who has that so-called "strange" magic that jellal was talking about, huh?

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