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Originally Posted by ThereminVox View Post
It took me 2 evenings of start/stop viewing to slog through those two episodes, because I had to keep pausing to process how much I disliked the entire cast, and wanted nothing more than for awful things to happen to them. Was it just me?
No, it's not just you.

The first episode was largely nauseating to me, and I did the start/stop thing with it for reasons similar to your own. The 2nd episode wasn't quite as bad, because it had a scene or two that hinted at the writing for the show being clever and imaginative, but the first two episodes of this show were generally off-putting to me. If not for the strong encouragement I received from two or three good friends here on AS, I doubt I would have soldiered through to Episode 3.

The 3rd episode is when this anime delved into something much more than just generic harem anime fanservice-fest, imo.

Naturally, the story has a happy ending. After surviving that unforgiving barrier to entry, I have reached the warm, gooey center, and oh, it is delicious. I remain utterly baffled (from a marketing standpoint, at least) by how brutally unlikable the cast was portrayed as at the beginning, but all is forgiven now.
It might be sad to say, but I think marketing is the answer for why the first two episodes are the way they are.

"Let's hook in the biggest fanservice fans first, and then see who else we can pick up through good character drama and romance." - Production Member A

"Agreed, but going by the three-episode rule, we need to move to the deeper material no later than episode 3" - Production Member B
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