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Originally Posted by Newhope View Post
There's at least 3 more arcs that I can think of, this one shiva and Ophis I wouldn't be surprised if theres also an arc for Hades as well.

Evil dragons where hinted at for a long time and a pretty natural progression to be honest, I would have been amazed if they hadn't shown up sooner or later.
I am agree with you, there are a lot of arcs for this story with all the enemies and objectives
shiva arc.
Ophis arc.
Hades arc.
Ise team arc to be a HC devil arc.
Ise in Rating Games. arc.

But i am so so so so scared after read this Afterword

Something like an Evil Dragon smells like they were added in quite late! Maybe you might be thinking like that when you were reading it, but I just used the secret setting which I though I wasn’t going to use. That’s because I didn’t expect it continue this far…… But please be rest assured. Even if Shiva arc doesn’t become possible, fourth story arc will end properly like how it should. I have already decided on the last part of the fourth story arc. If I was able to write the Shiva arc, please think of it as the extra stage.
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