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Originally Posted by panzerfan
It is very amusing that 2ch will even bother paying any attention to oversea board discussions such as this one and to go on and criticize on the subject matter. Moreover, why would they voice out such oppositions outside of the domain which the discussions are being hold?
I have no idea, maybe its the "Haruhi effect"?

Either way its very strange, and absolutely unwarranted, I mean i might be a barbarian gaijin, but insulting any members on our forum for no reason means WA-! sorry, i meant it's very rude. We don't insult them for being selffish for not helping us fellow fans to share in the love that is Haruhi.

At any rate, I am going to totally go off tangent but...
well, quite easily since...ah...well it's been posted in one of the spoiler, so i'll let you do the rest. lets just say that Yuki can't "supress" merely conceal the results. And she isn't the only one able to "clean up" after Haruhi.
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