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Just curious, why would you think any of the staff or the author is very good at english "because they have a show"?
You do know where the subtitles in the fansubs come from, right? (pardon me if that sounds insulting but I'm not following your logic)
Considering the slim budget anime productions run on, its rather unlikely that they'll have trained translators on staff since they don't do English translations. Manga-ka are even less likely to have access to a translator and must rely on their sometimes rusty english skills.

Most japanese have a considerable amount of english classwork under their belt --- but the quality of that education is very iffy and they don't get much chance to practice it, so expecting fluency in English may be a bit much (especially for adults long out of school).

Not saying not to try writing ... but they'd appreciate any attempt to write in their native language rather than expecting them to know english, especially since one is writing to them about an anime or manga that is in japanese. I usually provide both English and Japanese to double the chances I'll be understood and it gives them a chance to practice as well (if they're interested).

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