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Originally Posted by Lucy_Nyuu View Post
normally? so there is an other/better way? i'd like to learn it right... somehow
The "best" way depends on what kind of effect you are using, if you are going to make something explode for example, each syl has to be on a different layer. However if your just adding a glow or something similar then you can do it the way you do it now.

Originally Posted by Lucy_Nyuu View Post
another question: is there a way to tell the script, that the fade out should not overlap with the next line?
Not really, you can however give fixed transition timing now, that may help some, but if your having a really bad problem with overlapping lines then you may want to split the karaoke into 2 sections (like my Kurokami OP). I normally just shorten the transitions some or go in by hand for the few lines that do overlap :/

Originally Posted by Lucy_Nyuu View Post
i'd like to send you a pm on irc since ill probably have one or two questions regarding your second tutorial(wich i've only watched and not tryed - i'm going to try that one right away), but thats not that easy due to the different timezones etc.
You would be surprised, I'm always online so if you have a question or something, I'll see it whenever I'm at my PC. I IRC much more often than here
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