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Originally Posted by Lucy_Nyuu View Post
haven't seen you yesterday on #animesuki
Thats not a channel I idle in, however I do idle in #gwi-afx which is the afx channel

Originally Posted by Lucy_Nyuu View Post
everything works, but the .png moves a little unpredictable, while the pos from the syl itself doesnt...
If you are referring to the slight difference in Y values from syllable to syllable, that is because letters have different heights, all you have to do is modify your expressions. I may not have covered that in the tutorial, I don't remember anymore :P

Change the expression on the Transform property Position to something like this:
add([effect("Position")("Punkt")[0],35] , effect("TransPos")("Punkt"))
What this does is uses the X value that the script generates for position and then disregards the inconsistent Y value and replaces it with the bold value, in this case 35. You can change the number to what ever you want, you could even make a Null layer and put a slider on it and use that value as the X value, then you can change them all at the same time on the fly
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