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Nighteye is more of a complete idiot then I thought. If he knew what OH's power was why didn't he fucking tell Deku. If Deku had known he would have also knnow that OH had no way to go after him. Activate Shaul with Eri in his arms and bolt it. Problem over. FUCKING NIGHTEYE!
And how many people might Overhaul kill while trying to get her back? Keep in mind that the reason they were investigating Overhaul is that they didn't yet have anything on him. Suspected child abuse—suspected by a couple of provisional heroes, no less—is not sufficient reason to give someone with possibly the deadliest Quirk we've seen an excuse to use it. The whole point of them being professional heroes is that they have to work within the law. I don't know how differently due process works in Japan compared to the US, much less a Japan in a world where literal superheroes exist, but I'm willing to bet you can't just take children away from their parents, any more than you can just arrest someone without a binding reason.

And you did notice what the entire capability of his Quirk is, right?

"Hello, officers. You say you've been told that I've been harming and possibly experimenting upon my daughter? Well, feel free to have a doctor come by and check out her out. You'll find that she's in the peak of health. Only thing wrong with her is her vivid imagination. Those bandages? I'm afraid she's a little chuuni. Isn't that right, Eri?"

The point is, yes, we know he's a bad guy, and it's pretty apparent (though notably not certain, as all we've seen in the chapter is technically supposition) that he's farming Eri for his anti-Quirk bullets. But there's what we as the audience have seen and can infer, and there's what they as the heroes can prove. The latter is all our heroes have to deal with.
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