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Yay! Narona! this is so cute mind if, I take this one!
Go ahead.

Originally Posted by aurr View Post
that was my expression when i looked at this.
Narona, thanks you, you'll have to endura that i'm so fangirl now. :P
i will take the first one, but coul dyou add a sub-title "my favorite scene"? Could you also "squash" them a little so tehy are closer, as in my current sig? thanks. I will putit on tommorow, i'm going offline now. *headdesk if it is too much*

I haven't used the same frame as Eps. I prefer this one, but I can modify them again if you want me to change something (I will edit them later today though)

Originally Posted by by Dann of Thursday
Thanks very much, Narona.
I did some edits again.

Originally Posted by zgmf-x19a View Post
Maybe you could make versions without names on that would be nice
I will do it later.

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