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Originally Posted by tsunade666 View Post
If kinji live in Gensoukyo then just like teh_ping bro describe (reminds me of th13 ) cherry blossoms will bloom and fall infinitely in the lands of gensouko but contradicting to it. Kinji is not an ability user. Gun wouldn't work on fairies. Well at least its not the same as with Touma.

I want a sub-forum for Aria..... I wonder how long will we wait. And Fan fic is always welcome.
Just get Reimu or Yukari to mod the guns....

Originally Posted by YoakeNoHikari View Post
lol, Infinite Bullet Storm was just something I made because it sounds a lot cooler than whatever was in there earlier.

Something like power bullet storm.

But yeah, Infinite Bullet Storm was genius.

And, sorry for the slower translations. I've been playing F/SN again.

I don't know why, when I have so many other things to play.
I prefer Danmaku Hell....

And Saintess.....the afterlife IS in Gensoukyou...

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Spoiler for V9:
In whose hands? Butei or E.U?
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