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Originally Posted by Ridwan View Post
^Any plan to escape her clutch before it's coming your way ?
Ha, I remain unconcerned! I'm also not the type to join a harem or reverse-harem of any type

Sumeragi reminds me of an old male friend from an IRC channel long since gone. Nostalgic really. He was Korean and lived in the U.S. and from a military family. There was admiration, respect and appreciation -- but also the understanding that our mutual type-A aggressive personalities would result in rather heated exchanges. If we had ever met, the universe would collapse under the weight of our collective egos

PS: You all have your heads in the gutter! Geez.. To answer my own question about gender-swapping .. I think I'd visit a variety of women's washrooms, if only to see what they're like .. and go clubbing and see what it's like on the "other" side (free drinks x harassment) !
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