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Alright... some interesting things came up.... first off, Bandai Namco has announced a Straw Hat Edition and Chopper Edition for One Piece: Unlimited World Red in Europe, each edition includes...

Straw Hat Edition

- One Piece Unlimited World Red
- One Piece 15 Anniversary "Wake Up!" 9 Costume Set + Luffy's Strong World Costume
- Exclusive Quest "Fire Fist & Straw Hat" Luffy/Ace Quest

Chopper Edition

- One Piece Unlimited World Red: Day One Edition
- Tony Tony Chopper Key Holder
- 10 Straw Hat Crew/Unlimited World Red logo stickers
- Tony Tony Chopper Wall Scroll
- Tony Tony Chopper Lanyard
- One Piece Unlimited World Red art book
- Takoyaki DLC Pack (3 costumes & 1 quest)

So far, all that's been confirmed for US is One Piece Unlimited World Red: Day One Edition basically just the "Straw Hat Edition" only with Luffy's Strong World costume, but if we end up getting the "Chopper Edition"... I'll probably just pick up a "Chopper Edition" for each system...


On another note.... we've got 50 new HD screenshots of the game... and it look REALLY good, the graphics have really transferred over well~

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