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Animation Quality: 9
Very consistent for a 24 ep series. A few bumps here and there, but nothing really terrible or, distracting. Art and background is very stylish and the attention to detail is excellent making Ikebukuro a thriving city with many mysteries, as well as making it much a "character" as anyone this series.

Voice Actors: 10
Don't have any complaints here. VA is quite outstanding as nobody feels out of place.

Script: 9.5ish
One better written shows to come out in years, which is a good thing since this show has a large empathises on character interaction between such an oddball cast from such diverse backgrounds. Dialogue is smart and funny without coming off overdone or, cliched, and cast acts in well believable (or, in some cases unbelievable ) manner while still feeling natural. This is definitely the shows strength here.

Soundtrack: 8
There are some really standout tracks, and music works very well for series and is pretty varied. It's not as strong when listening to the songs on their own though IMO.

Both OP's are great and stylish while the ED's aren't as good in terms of music still hold up pretty well.

Editing: 9
Direction, transitions and pacing for the most part are well done. Nothing feels awkward or, really jarring. Comedy, drama and suspense are done expertly. Both the first and second half have there slow moments, but nothing particularly feels wasted because each episode is constantly provide new info and furthering the plot.

Enjoyment: 9
Overall, I really found DRRR!! to be a pretty fun and refreshing both in terms of storytelling and visuals. It's rare to find a show the mixes together so many genre elements so without falling flat on it face or, has such interesting plot twists and large cast who all seem to be more than what they are at first glance.

Emotional Involvement: 9
This probably what looked forward to most during Winter/Spring, so I well be quite sad to see it go, I hope BB considers a second season, noting it's popularity both in Japan and overseas.

Average = Total Series Rating: 9

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