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Let me start by saying that I really liked all the references in this series.

1. Ubuntu is the OS of choice YAY!!! Go my Penguin Box Go!
2. Horo cardboard cutouts? + References to other anime heroines = Pure win!!
3. Isaac and Miria (from Baccano) finding themselves in the middle if the action = EPIC!

OK without further ado here are my ratings:

Animation Quality: 10 Really stylish stuff, they stepped up their game since Baccano!
Voice Actors: Simply 10, nothing else to add here they were all good
Script: I would say it was a solid 9 because there was no clear closure to this series, I'd give it a 10 if they decide to come through with S2 cause even tho the story was really REALLY good, there is still stuff to resolve such as:
"the deal with Celty's head" ...
"the deal with Celty's flirtatious body oh my!"
"the deal with Anri and Izaya, will she take him on from now on? who knows!" ...and...
"the deal with Anri not knowing whether she was in love with Kida....which is what she told Mikado in a nonchalant way"
Apparently they didn't end up together cause Mikado is too much of a woose. He couldn't bring himself to tell Anri that he liked her. Unlike Kida who eloped with Saki and I should point out, this guy has the potential to own most of the women in that town with his colorful personality.
Soundtrack: A solid 8, all the songs were adequate to their respective scenes and the OP/ED were for the most part really good.
Editing: 10 ... these people knew what they were doing, transitions and scene changes were superb.
Enjoyment: 9 .. it wasn't a 10 just because Mikado killed the Vibe. I mean this is the type of anime where having one indecisive character is enough (Ero Anri) and even tho Mikado had potential he never really did come through.

The rest of the characters were incredible, especially Celty at the end of EP 24 with that super ero change of clothing.

I tell ya that chick didn't even need a head to totally own the Spotlight! GRRRRRR (Yeah, I totally fell for that headless chick!)
Emotional Involvement: I give it a 7.5. Even tho Celty and Shinra were exquisitely flirtatious there wasn't enough time to further develop their funny romance. These two were a total WIN!

Most of the couples in this series were really good but Mikado n Anri really screwed things up for me. Anri thought she might have been in love with Kida (the wrong guy in this case) and Mikado didn't even flinch when she said that. Screw you Mikado! Grow a PAIR and teach that chick what love is trully all about!

Or maybe I should root for Anri who seems to be the one who would be wearing the pants in that relationship. Go Anri, drop that knife (I mean katana) and show Mikado how to be a man!

Overall Series Rating: 9

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