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Ah, every time I go "zomg anime sucks now" I come across stuff like this. I'm not sure what I was doing when it was airing, but should have definitely watched it sooner =p

Visuals : 9/10
I wouldn't really say anything knocked me off my feet, but the shots of the city and its roads sure are pretty. I'm not particularly picky in this area unless it's distracting me enough for the show. The show was just nice to look at.

Audio: 10/10
Spoiler for details for audio:

Plot: 8/10

Characters: 9/10

Enjoyment 10/10: No lie, I enjoyed the series. I don't really have much of a criterion for the area; just drag me into a world, get me acquainted with the characters and events, and make me care. Did I care? Quite a bit, for the most part, though the second half I suppose wasn't as captivating at times.

Overall: 9/10
Well I haven't been amused this much for quite a while. In general, a good show tends to allow one to overlook its flaws and a bad show doesn't. While I am quite hesitant to call this show a masterpiece due to where it left off, it pretty much offered everything I wanted and more. But hopefully, there will be another season to wrap up its loose ends. In any case, I won't call it "the best anime evar!!1" but it sure was a damned good show.
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