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the first half of this show, episodes 1-12, deserves an A grade. all that mystery and intrigue surrounding the dulahans/izaya's plan was fantastic. the revelations of the whereabouts of shelty's head and the true leader of the dollars was thrilling to watch.

the second half was so dissapointing! it completely shafted izaya's mastermind scheme and shelty's quest for her head in order to focus on a very dull gang war. the plot went no where and failed to build upon the first 12 episodes. episodes 13- 24 deserves no better than a C-

audio - 9
animation - 10
story/script/plot - 5 (first half was awsome though!)
characters - 9

this was a disappointing anime. all those interesting characters and premises wasted due to a crap-tastic second half.
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