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What "lack of training"? I said ideally, they should in shape (meaning maintain their conditions), and concentrate on other jutsu besides violent, destructive techniques, i.e. like Hashirama. No one said anything about them ceasing to train; quite the opposite actually.
Pfff....Hashirama could have used mokuton to protect Sarada.
We are talking about two strongest ninjas with the power to change landscape and you tell me that they don't know techniques to protecd anybody without being hurt?

I prefer to read continuation with Madara as main character who could have owned those clowns effortlessly

P.S. but frankly speaking all the characters in narutoverse suffered from sudden close ranged attacks so I can more or less accept Naruto being hurt (though it strange to be hurt in his kuubi mod)
P.P.S imagine if that guy threw some fireball into Sarada - and imagine Sasuke took it head-on and suffered serious injuries am I cry
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