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Originally Posted by physics223 View Post
Ja-yan-to would be how it will be pronounced in Japanese.

I don't think Ami is hated by the majority. If anything, she's the most liked among the women of Toradora.
Yeah, I don't see where people are getting the vibe that people hate Ami, her thread easily has twice to three times the numbers of views and over double the posts of any of the other character threads.

Though there are people who occasionally come in to talk down on people for mentioning their personal preference for a Ryuuji x Ami end.

Originally Posted by maxpepper View Post
As for Minorin, I just can't stand her, she's annoying and her roleplaying or whatever you call it makes me hope something bad happens to her...
Wow... I think kids are growing up to decide on their preferences on an extreme Love or HATE paradigm. Minorin is a great gal and a good friend to the cast of characters, wishing ill on her doesn't have any logic or reason to it.
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