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Originally Posted by qwerty_ View Post
OMG - not a flame war, please.

I just point that Far East people have cultural similarities, so 'they' tend to [in plural, the standard citizen] love the 'Taiga-type' character more than 'Ami-type' one.

Far East people had, long ago, the same cultural background in origin - in West people, in the same way, too.

Not being, in the slightest, racist. We all have our cultural influences, people - even NEETs and et cetera.

__________________________________________________ _______________________________________

And I talked about majorities, not about ALL people. Sometimes people start to act like the only choices are a green YES and a red NO.
I know, i'm asking you to EXPLAIN to me what "cultural" similarities that far east people would have that would CAUSE them to like/prefer a character such as Taiga...i just can't draw the line. All i'm asking for is for you to give me an

for example: say you said that people who emphasize the importance of education (a lot) will prefer to like taiga...then i'll be like Okay, so those type of people will prefer them

^ That's what i want to hear, just please elaborate
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