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Originally Posted by miroku2192 View Post
It might play a bit of a role, but i don't think you can just group everyone together like that. If he's talking about majority, then fine so be it.
Never use individual accounts to make any kind of statement. The larger the group you examine, the less differences matter and the more similarities begin to emerge.

Only by talking about the majority can one make generalized statements.

Originally Posted by miroku2192 View Post
I was born and raised in the US, but it doesn't necessarily mean i'd prefer a girl who is independent. Personal preferences still come into play, and i don't think they're THAT heavily influenced by our culture/societal status quo.
Everything we do is somewhat influenced by our environment, but yes, individual preferences are important, but on a small scale.

And, what would you prefer, a girl who's "healthy" and independent, or a girl who's flat-chested and doll-bodied, who relies on you for everything that matters?
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