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Black Joke

This series is awesome.

As some around already know by now, I tend to favor crazy, over-the-top manga, and Black Joke is no exception. Basically, it's about this one yakuza gang and their battles with other mafia groups on the fictional Neon island (which is apparently the 51st state of the USA despite being in Japan..... yeah). I've gotta say that I am LOVING this series' cast. I especially find myself fond of that lovable gorilla-man Kodama and Runover, the Italian mob boss who has a freaking WHEELCHAIR OF DOOM:


BTW, if the art style looks familiar to anyone it's because it's drawn by the same guy who did the manga adaption of Battle Royale (though I personally prefer THIS series more). Right now the translations are up to the first chapter of volume 2, but there's 7 volumes out altogether. I hope we get caught up soon....
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