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Originally Posted by The Small One View Post
Something else: if the blind man is on an admiral's level (but even if not, he clearly is no fodder), who was the beast, who damaged his face and blinded him? Must be even more fearsome.
Judging by his closing lines, he probably cut his own eyes out.


That being said, I'm surprised no one has chimed in on the whole Mihawk is the greatest swordsmen thing. True, we do not know the relation between this blind man and his sword, but he did clearly use his sword to do something, so he might be a swordsman, in which case he is currently ranked below Mihawk. So, if he is an Admiral and a swordsman, then he would still be below Mihawk, which wouldn't be a very good position for an Admiral to be in.

Whatever the case, if he is a swordsman, then he is Zoro's enemy or teacher (I always did want Zoro to have an old guy teach him some tricks...).
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