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Originally Posted by tidus0728
What ever the case, after the EL arc most of the crew will receive a very high bounty as they have infiltrated the WG's base. Most likely to be 200Million for luffy, and 60-80Million for Zoro, 50Million for Sanji, and >30Million for rest of crew.

I don't think there will be significant change in Robin, but just an updated version of her photo.
Not likely. The StrawHats have commited a Huge crime against the government. Robin is a wanted criminal. They'll all get Huge bounties. Luffy's should at least triple what it is now. He's done far too much just for his bounty to double.

why the bounties in for chopper, nami, usoop are too high ? if u look careful u will know that they are reasonale. each one of them at this time reach the same level fighting level of luffy when he beat croc. but forget this reason

first Nami:
1- she beat one of CP9 members 640 Dako and DF,
2-she use strange weapn,
3- she defeated a lot of marines in instant when she appeared from the train ,
4- Helped in attacking EL and saving Robin
5- and most important Nami will be the only person other than marines who can navigate in that area making here most wanted to keep the secret to navigate throught the justice gate.
They haven't reached that level at all. Even now-they'd never beat Crocodile. Nami at most will get 60 million or less.

2nd Chooper:
1- He beat up CP9 member with +800 Dako
2- DF zoan type user who can use 8 Transform level and he last 1 very dangerous
3- He is one of the most excellent Doctors in the World, and he use his skills to help anyone in need
4- He helped destroying EL nad saving Robin
Maybe so, that doesn't warrant a 100 million bounty on him. Thats far to high.

Usopp :
1- he fought well against luffy in water 7, even with his injuries
2- even though he is coward and weak .. he didn't turn away from attacking EL and saving Robin
3- is sniper skills is super good
4- and the most imprtant thing he was the one to burn the WG flag
He did okay vs Luffy but Luffy would have owned him, pure and simple. He's not in his league.
Regardless of if he burnt the Flag. It was the Captain's order and he gave the order which essentially meant a declaration of war on the WG.
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