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Originally Posted by DrFuko
I believe Sanji will be the only one in the crew to NEVER get a bounty... His annoniminity *spell? will be a Mugiwara strength, like it was in the Arabasta arc.

I don't agree . Sanji will definitely get a bounty ( I believe around 60 Millions Belly ). Unlike the arabasta arc, where Sanji (Mr Prince) was never in the battlefield (little garden), he was here one of the most active. Not only did he start to pwn ennemies alone in the train, beating the weird cook who seemed to be quite strong, but he also was there during the burning of the WG flag. Then, he beated a strong opponent, the wolf guy and might have another role to play til the straw hats crew escape.
Therefore I don't see why he wouldn't get a bounty...

But, since Usopp was during the all time under the alias of Sogeking, he might not get a bounty (when sogeking might...that would be so funny IMO)
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