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Originally Posted by Chaos2Frozen View Post
Meophist is going to be after my blood for this...

Buddy, you're caught in a bad crossfire

But Amy doesn't have to be there for Chrono to show up , these things happen all the time...

Why would he go after your blood?

Originally Posted by raidou
Woot! C2F is back , on your question the one she is wearing looks better ^.^

Dont worry you guys have number advantage ... at your hammer

Actually Amy not around means more chance Chrono will show up.After all he wont be able to flirt around if his wife is nearby, no fun

Edit: off topic ,anyone know what is the color code for animesuki background?
Thank you. I'm quite fond of my hammer nowadays *lurks around searching for Yuuno*

Umm.... The hammer is intended to be aimed at Chrono y'know. So if Amy finds out the Sugita influence got the better of Chrono...........*shudders*

Originally Posted by Deathkillz
i have a feeling that the party is going to get crashed by Dr whathisface totally destroying yuuno's chance of a confession
LOL. Hopefully that'll happen

EDIT: Hey if we keep this up maybe we'll break the 600 here too ^^
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