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Originally Posted by Serenity85 View Post
lol, oh will more then likely hit 600 again, we get a brief yet important view of 3 key events^^

1: Lutecis & Zest appear, (I'm goning on the impression their not as evil as we first thought, *points at my post a few pages ago*, I'll wait to see raw, but my feeling is their on the run^^)
2. Yuno.... appears alive and sporting a new look.... (enough said)
3. Aces in dresses (will have klinex box on hand for ep 7)

even in a few minutes of vid, we have so much pottentialy to talk about^^
Not to mention that Acous appears as well. We certainly have material to break 600. Heck episode doesn't even have an LLLLLLLLQ raw and we're already past 130 posts

@Deathkillz: If that happens, the Legion will roar with happines and triumph [insert Hayate's evil grin]
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