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Months back, a reliable blog (the same one which first shared the existence of the second Zero no Tsukaima series) cited from an undisclosed source that production for SHnY second season had been pushed forward from fall next year to fall this year... But then I heard about Clannad coming up, and although at the time no date was set for Clannad, the fact they announced it before SHnY and it was going to be 26 episodes caused me to dismay at the possibility of new SHnY soon.

Now that it may be the reverse, I feel like I know a little bit of how the fans of Clannad do. Indeed I was looking forward to Clannad as well since I've only heard good things. ;_; There are, I think, uncountable number of stories out there which deserve to be adopted into anime by a great studio like KyoAni.

On a side note, it may be Saturday but if it's not even noon yet it could make sense that the announcement hasn't yet occurred. o.o
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