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Originally Posted by miketyson View Post
Just realized that 恋 vs 愛 vs 恋愛 is almost certainly going to be a "thing" in this series: going from memory, Mykage's been exclusively using 愛 (愛の調べ, etc). So if that holds up the good guys are about 恋, the bad guys are about 愛, (and 恋愛 is the "neutral zone", lol).

It would be a hilarious troll if it wound up being the other way around, though: romantic love is dangerous and uncontrollable (hence something the good guys try and prevent), but "baser" attraction is a-ok and useful. I can't see them going that way -- too contrary to conventional wisdom to work, even for shock value -- and it doesn't seem to square with the way the rings worked on people like Andy, but it'd still be a great troll.
The disaster with Donar happened because of genuine romantic love, and its Mykage who breaks it (or is he the cause of it?). Fudo and co. seem to want to prevent said disaster from happening again, so they don't want genuine love it would seem but almost-love. But, again, the rings and reactions seem inconsistent. Andy gets fried for lustful thoughts, but Sazanka wasn't lusting after anyone and was entirely shipping... it monitors heart rate and such, so that all makes sense. But when you factor in Amata and Mikono things start to get confusing. If they were on the cusp of falling in love, you'd suspect that their hearts would have been racing, and we can infer that indeed Amata's was but not (?) Mikono's?

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