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Originally Posted by Lord of Pandemonium View Post
that doesn't make sense to me. Apollo didn't have wings and he was the solar wing. The sun lit up and it's on water, the same as it was in the first series. Apollo myth has being born in a "lake"

Amata didn't have strings in the first episode. There is more that connects Kagura to Apollo and Apollonius than it is for Amata

Silvia and Sirius have been depicted with wings in ED and Promotional art

honestly you don't see that much of Apollonious personality and if you look at my earlier post I actually showed how they weren't that different. What we saw of Apollonious and Celiane---

There is nothing but wings that says Amata would be the reincarnation. That's it and he has more in common with Silvia and Celiane than he does Apollonious and Apollo. Where is Apollon? How come we don't see him. Does that really make sense to you? It' doesn't to me

Kagura has never been "in" Aquarion, so how could Apollonius appear if he's inside Aqaurion. Yet Kagura knew it was the "Machine Angel" ...he recognized Aquarion instantly

There is no way that Kagura could be Apollo while Amata is Apollonius...they're the same soul with different names. Either Amata is a apart of all of them Apollon/Apollonious/Apollo/Kagura or he isn't

Look up Promethus and Apollo and then see how Evol has already confirmed that Kagura is the reincarnation of Apollon/Apollonious/Apollo

He's not like Apollo, he is Apollo in every way. I have to go but I will go into detail later
The problem with your theory is that Apollo attracted Aquarion in EP1 and Amata did so too in EP1/2, however, why hasn't the Aquarion come to Kagura if he is Apollonius?

That is one question you really have to ask yourself. It isn't impossible that Amata AND Kagura are part of Apollonius, which is why Kagura cannot smell him because he smells himself. So what if Kagura is just Apollo and Amata is Apollonius directly? Sirius and Silvia were both Celienne and Apollo regarded they had similar/same scent. However, if Apollonius was split in two, of course Kagura would only smell himself when sniffing Amata.

Originally Posted by Adigard View Post
That last bit was a good catch... There certainly seems to be unlimited spoilers in both the OP and the ED, depending, but that bit seems true. Now whether or not it's actually meaningful in a mech fighting show remains to be seen.
I happened to stop on that scene and went "why does she have all these scratches and dirt on her face?" Then I realized she's hurt physically. Whether or not this spoils what will happen, I do not know. However, it's very odd.
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