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Originally Posted by Lord of Pandemonium View Post
Apollonious and Apollo are the same person. That's the problem with your theory. You keep trying to separate them. It isn't impossible that Both Amata and Kagura are the reincarnation of Apollonious, which makes them the reincarnation of Apollo as well. One cannot be the reincarnation of Apollo and the other the reincarnation of Apollonius. That is the impossible thing. Actually Apollo never remarked on Sirius scent but he had the same type of relationship with Sirus as he did with Silvia (minus the kissing). Wolves can smell their own scent. It's how they mark their territory, it's how they find their way home. Apollo could smell Apollonious he said his scent was the same as all the other DaTenshi Yes Apollo did call out to Aquarion, and Kagura also recognized "The wings of the sun" and Aquarion

Kagura hasn't had a personality transfer--true, but he's also never piloted Aquarion either. Apollo could smell himself and Apollonius ...
Apollo also said he'd never forget her smell, he feels as if he's always known him and Mikono also said that she felt that he had feelings for her before, despite knowing him. She has never ever said that about Amata.. Amata doesn't smell her either..which is why I think he's a false soul and not a real one or he's a small part of Apollon...but for the most part Kagura is
I hate to say this, because this is a nice debate: but until we have more episodes, neither of our theories really hold water. Since we have no solid proof of either theory, only what we've seen in the OS (which isn't really great to compare in the new series anyway, especially for newbies), our theories are just theories and not facts. We should wait till more episodes and solid proof are revealed to debate this.

Can we call it truce until then?

Originally Posted by Mangaka-chan View Post
I was just thinking about why Amato's wings being on his feet felt so familiar then I remembered
Spoiler for something from the original series:
Donno if there's anything to it though. :\
There's just one thing I question here: has he met either of the main characters in the past before? Mikono remarks that she feels like she's met Amata before (or known him for a long time in another translation). So I'm questioning WHO Amata is based on that. If Mikono is a part of Silvia/Celienne, then WHO is Amata if not Apollonius? Unless she had someone else whom was her lover, there's no other explanation... unless he's part of Celienne too, but Kagura remarking he has no scent leaves me to wonder on that. Unless Amata is part of Toma, though I doubt that.

I think the question of whom is whom will have to wait till later episodes because right now, we don't have nearly enough proof to make any theories hold water. At 6 episodes... nothing can be proven sadly.
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