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Originally Posted by kuromitsu View Post
Shrade can't die until he does gattai with Cayenne. Fact.
Originally Posted by miketyson View Post
And yes, Schrade is too fabulous to die so soon. I just hope Sanzanka survives the Schrade-Cayenne gattai.
Gattais that will happen. You know they will.


Cayenne/Shrade/Sazanka..........okay, maybe not this one, since Donnar has already stated that Amata is pretty much set as the default pilot for Vector Z so he's there to Sousei Gattai into Aquarion EVOL. But it wouldn't be far-fetched for a situation to arise where Amata is unavailable....

And the reason Andy has been getting booted out of Sousei Gattais is because his first time will be with MIX. You know it. (sexual innuendo fully intended )
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