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To confirm what Fenrir_valindri said above, in episode 3 (around 5 minutes in), Kuroyukihime says that the program doesn't leave a trace when it's uninstalled, so without evidence no one would believe the program exists. So they never said that you lose your memories, but you certainly lose access to the program forever, and for people who've spent countless time in the game, I suppose they might wish they did.
I think it is mentioned "matter of factly." It's in one of the early episodes that losing all points leads to memory erasure but I'm not entirely sure.

The water girl has memory erasing powers through the brain burst program, by the way. Memory erasure is totally possible with the brain burst program.

This series keeps teasing about what is going to happen to Haru and Kuro. He keeps telling her that he'd take a bullet for her and never fight her. Kuro then tells him to never say that and that a fight could be inevitable.

The new Red King never knew or saw the previous Red King.

It's like flags are being thrown all over the place...
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