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I think it is mentioned "matter of factly." It's in one of the early episodes that losing all points leads to memory erasure but I'm not entirely sure.

The water girl has memory erasing powers through the brain burst program, by the way. Memory erasure is totally possible with the brain burst program.
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That really doesn't hint at memory erasure, and having recently re-watched the earlier episodes, I can safely say nothing about memory erasure is every mentioned except for the special ability of Aqua Current (Memory Leak).
Indeed; they say the program will be wiped along with all possibility of re-entering, but it's not part of the design of the program that memories be wiped. That doesn't mean that they couldn't introduce that element through some other means (such as Aqua Current), but it's not an established rule of the universe.

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Hey! I have only read up to vol 02 which is the current story The other info's are only small summary or info about the kings which can be found on the novel thread. Aside from that are pure assumptions specially the characteristics for black and white which is totally unknown or maybe irregular.
Well, even by reading the novel thread, you have more information than you should, so you have to be extremely careful what you say here. Your speculation is tainted, so you can't really pretend that you're in the same boat as anime-only viewers. I really don't want to be spoiled on this story (and that's the forum rule anyway).
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