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Originally Posted by DuelGundam2099 View Post
Some attacks from a Japanese crossover game called Super Tokusatsu Wars 2001 (yeah yeah I'm a geek what else is new), since I don't read Japanese I figured I might as well ask here.
Potentially late, but:

Image 1:
Baryon Cannon /Heavy Particle Cannon
Homing Drill Attack

Image 2:
Space Laser (Cannon)

Image 3:
Plasma Vulcan (Cannon)

I skipped a lot of the side information that seemed to be unrelated to the names, but if you need that as well I can...try. I feel like I won't be able to be of much help there though, since I haven't played the game.

Also, Escape Reality already mentioned this, but the yellow header text reads, from left to right:

Weapon/Special Skill - Attack Power - Range - Accuracy
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