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Originally Posted by darkchibi07
Well I'll be damned! There were actual changes, additions, and touch-ups between the broadcast version and the DVD version. Though in all honesty, I didn't really noticed them.

Check them out here:

This made me laugh:
Lots of stuff indeed.

Kyon finding out that the book is about the "satellite of Saturn" - Hyperion.

Yuki's eyes widened in surprise when Haruhi announced the purpose of the SOS Brigade - to find aliens, time travellers and espers and to play with them. Her eyes really are more widened than usual here.

The sudden disappearance of Kyon's bag reappearing again - KyoAni has been listening to the fans and probably lurking in their blogs as well.

The ultimate sucker punch has got to be the hidden "Mikuru" folder when you pop the DVD into your computer and choose to "Show Hidden Files". There goes my savings for this month, I'm getting the DVD. xD
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