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Originally Posted by FiREwing View Post
I finally thought the stupid triangle would be over. Now with all the Kazumi fans and neautral people thinking otherwise makes me uneasy on what actually happened.
hehe, I know what you mean. Personally I think the ending was done in just the right way for them to either end it here or continue on, like some others have said.

I mean think about it, if they decide to have it end here then people will just assume (as they want them to) about who "won" due to the reactions. But, there is also enough play there for them to make another season if they want. I know D a m i e n wasn't serious with what he/she said, but actually that could be fairly close to the truth if they wanted to make another season. Well, not exactly obviously, but something close. There are really just too many ways to interrupt those reactions for a concrete ending. Though at the same time there aren't enough ways to make it open enough they HAVE to continue on with it in some way (aka like something in the middle of the season or an already planned/announced OVA/Season)

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