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Originally Posted by Aquifina View Post
Well, I think the triangle *is* settled. Sure, maybe they can stretch some relationship issues out in S3, but those last two scenes where Yoshida and Shana are clearly juxtaposed. We then see Shana looking grumpy, as if she's been waiting a while, and is trying to mask her nervousness and anxiety by being all gruff and annoyed. And *then* there's the recognition and the quick transition to the broad smile--really, what other conclusion can we come to? What, she ran into Wilhemina? Or Chigusa? Even though both are clearly implied to be doing different things at that moment? And in the context of that situation, I don't think Shana would smile like that if she just happened to run into Chigusa. A signal the season is over? Ummmm... no. Why pair it with the Kazumi scene, then? The whole ending sequence obviously implies actual actions by the characters at that time, not some kind of vague gesture to the audience. We first see the girls waiting, we see Yuji walking *with* the letters, etc., etc. I'm sorry; I find the idea that the triangle hasn't been settled to be absurd.
Nice~ I'd agree with you there, because it wouldn't make sense if everything remained unresolved. Everyone has changed, and given Yuuji's determination in deciding things for himself firmly in the earlier episodes, as well as his 'fighting alongside Shana' emphasised again and again, especially in the last episode, J.C would be shooting themselves in the foot if they left the whole damned thing unresolved, because it simply isn't fitting for Yuuji to be so determined, then suddenly lacking decisiveness in such things. Even though there's a small indication that there might be another season to look forward to, the fact remains that one of the main focuses of the series itself has seen some decent closure

And for your nice little analysis of the scenes, a cookie to you.
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