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Just finished episode and it was all I could have wanted from it and more. Extremely captivating all the way through and it nailed the mood of manga so well. The OP is already one of the best of year (if not the best) while it ED itself is pretty strong. While not quite to level of OVAs the animation is very good and considering the studio behind it I have little worry it won't be consistent for the most part.

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I didn't think Elias was going to be this nice from the get-go, even if it was a bit disturbing that he acted like Chise was a pet he just brought home, going as far as bathing her and calling her a puppy. I think that's likely due to a lack of interaction with humans if nothing else though. Especially since we know he intends to marry her. He just lacks (our) common sense.

Anyway, great start. Just as good as the OVAs.
Yeah, I'll just say you're supposed to find his attitude towards Chise odd if not a little contradictory for reasons you will understand later.
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