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^I'd actually put stuff like Air, Kanon, Clannad (all Key adaptations I see), and KGNE in the same category of "tragedy porn," but that's just me.

I'm not a cold guy, in fact I'm pretty weak, so I felt sad when tearjerker moments demanded me to; but in the end I feel a little cheated. "Tragedy porn" is a horrible thing: it makes me sad and not necessarily for a meaning.

Please don't take this too harsh, but if you didn't find any meaning in many of the tearjerker moments, I don't think you're thinking hard enough. E.G. just take either Fuko or Kotomi's arc from Clannad, the theme of either arc was to show the importance of filial love and that filial love transcends the world a person is able to see(I'm sure you could find much more meaning too, but you have to think about it.) For me, part of the reason why I watch Anime, and for me to call it a good Anime, is for it to stimulate me intellectually, to make me think why such a scene happened. Many of these so-called scenes are indeed tearjerker moments, but they come with a lot of meaning.

But, I do agree with you that some programs exist which serve only to evoke tears from the viewer, although I would not use such a sadistic term as you to describe them. I think KGNE had a few of these scenes, which is why I did not like it as much as some of the other titles aforementioned. The thing is, once I finish watching such a scene, I'm able to recognize it later, and it leaves no lasting impact on me, and I don't like the anime anymore because of it(Maybe i dislike it even). This isn't to say KGNE didn't have any meaning, I felt it did on the contrary, I felt there was enough to rewatch it right after watching it. But I felt that some scenes were overtly melodramatic, to appeal to those who like drama for the sake of drama.
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