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Most "major" digi-fansubs started around mid- 2001. AonE and HQA, AF and so on.... boy remember the 2nd internet war? :P
AF & HQA were first gen (groups started between 1999-2000). The "major groups" that started around "mid-2001" and were a big deal at that time, were Soldats, Anime-Empire, NewLifeAnime, ANBU, Hikari no Kiseki, and A.F.K. (just naming the ones I can remember off the top of my head being popular and known). I don't remember AonE being "Major" until late 2002 when they started jointing with A-keep and ANBU.

"boy remember the 2nd internet war?"

I have no clue what that would refer to. But from 1999-2003 there were 5 main networks used as hubs for fansub groups. efnet, dalnet, etg, a bit later aniverse, and a bit after aniverse mircx. Each major migration of groups was pretty much always because of DDOS. I think the only really major event in digital fansubbing that caused rapid, drastic changes was the advent of bittorrent and the intensity level of competing that ensued there after. There was competing before, but it was no were near the level that we saw right after bt caught on.

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If you find something concrete/specific, document it like I did in my last post.

not a ton of info, but at least more than before.
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