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Yeah the moving around was mostly out of necessity, or evolutionary (for certain groups). On efnet of the time, if your channel got taken over, it was much harder to get back. Bots could protect channels, to some extent, but they could also be used to attack channels. A rogue op who knew what he was doing with bots could wreak havoc, and then there were other avenues of attack like ones that involved causing or waiting for net splits, targeted denial of service, and such. A channel that was taken over might take days or even a week to get back, and back then that basically meant no releases, negative PR, and so on for the group.

So groups like AC wanted little to do with the channel wars, nor waste time setting up the safegaurds to ensure channel control. Naturally it was an evolutionary approach to move to ETG (some people knew the admins) which was both passively and actively policed. While not all the ETG admins agreed with this policy, in the end they were willing to host fansub groups provided they did not participate in outright piracy. Those other networks like efnet got even less stable, and a mass exodus to ETG (primarily) followed. ETG downtime was low, no more than a few days a year if that, and the policing was effective. Channel wars were practically nonexistant, there wasn't much a rogue could do against a group on irc other than try to target their distros.

I do remember some of those other servers (post-ETG) and I think the move to them by some (far from all) groups was primarily for two reasons, that those other servers were pretty much anime-exclusive (some of the ETG admins still had significant misgivings about hosting non-gaming, fansub groups), and that they were simply willing to look the other way when outright piracy was involved. It wasn't necessarily that fansub groups where heavily into outright piracy, more that a good portion of the distribution network was. And sure you could send those distros away from your channel, but then it would be harder to get your stuff out...
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