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Again from 2ch, and no, I don't have scans to back it up, I just copy paste it, so just consider it as unconfirmed info. Source from newtype
倉田英之 慰斗谷充孝 慰斗谷充孝 鈴木ひろみ

7話「Shining Star」
倉田英之 小森秀人 小森秀人 諏訪真弘&小林雅美

8話「Coupling with with with with」
未定 サトウ光敏 サトウ光敏 梅津茜&山口光紀

倉田英之 未定 出合小都美 未定

倉田英之 未定 未定 未定

No info on who do the screenplay for episode 8, while other episodes have Kurata, so I guess it will be done by Wakaki, as he said he will write screenplay for one of the episode.
What concern me is, from the subtitle, episode 9 may only consist of 1 chapter of the manga, because the subtitle for episode 9 = flag 13 and episode 10 = flag 14. Whether episode 9 will have 1 chapter while 10 will have 3 chapter or Shiori will have more than 2 episodes.
No song or anything, so unless they add original the story will be stretched.

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