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I have to say good thinking Chitanda. Just in case Houtarou was considering not going, made sure to mention she'd be there in a kimono. Got to set the lure .

Have to say I love the contrast. Chitanda spends the day dealing with relatives and Houtarou lived underneath his table .

Somehow it just makes sense that Houtarou gets misfortune while Chitanda gets great blessing. Her blessings are going to be his misfotrune this year . Get ready for another year of curiosity!

Love that all of Houtarou's escape plans had a visual and that 3 of them directly had them busting up the shed . I guess it was a bit much though to hope that Mayaka could read into them being in trouble from a lost item....

Thank you Satoshi. The hero of the day .

Though good/bad that they found a string to tie around the purse . Had a very interesting option left there .
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