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Here's a very strong recommendation for Princess Tutu. If you absolutely cannot stand shows with frills and pretty things then don't watch it, but while on the surface it might seem like a normal, perhaps typical mahou shoujo show, please believe me that it isn't. I dislike watching almost any kind of mahou shoujo show. I can't stand them, I don't even like plain old shoujo, but I really enjoyed Princess Tutu. It's one of my most memorable anime...

The story seems innocuous enough at first but there really is actually quite a lot going on behind it. The way they subtly weave it in and start making it clearer towards the 2nd season is just amazing! I wasn't too impressed by the 1st season at first but really, by the end of the 2nd season I almost cried. Some things might seem cheesy but they're quite ok in the context of the cheesiness you get in many children's shows... The atmosphere and setting more than make up for it, however. The animation is not awful, and the backgrounds, the classical look with the classical music provides a very charming backdrop for the story - which has its quirky and funny bits, and yet I feel it really brings a different side to the classic story that takes place over the first season..

It's quite safe. Unless your kids take the show seriously and start realising what it's aout at the end and start feeling sad... nah, they won't commit suicide...
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